Sample Description

Devolution is a military action that is only initiated when the US government has been infiltrated and is being run by bad actors who govern in a way which does not have the USA’s best interests.

Let’s start Devolution off with a big “What If?” May be the biggest what if conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard or imagined. I don’t even think I’ve even read this in a John Clancy novel. And I, for one, truly hope it is true.

Within the word devolution we see the word “evolution,’ to grow, become better, to evolve. By adding the “d” it would seem to mean to break down or take apart, to de-evolve so to speak.

What if, the American government has been infiltrated by those who wish to destroy the United States of America? How do we take back our government? How do we rid ourselves of those who want to take our liberties and freedoms away from us? Being the USA in a global society is a beautiful place to live. Living in a Globalist society without our individuality as a country makes us slaves to the global government.

So, what if Hunter Biden’s dealing with China and the Ukraine has lined the pockets of “the Big Guy” Joe Biden? So, what if the Durham investigation does prove The Clinton Foundation paid to create the documents that were the bases for the investigation into Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy?