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About American Paladin

AmericanPaladin.com (APV) 

A website-based business located in Texas, managed by Pete Tupa and Deanna Hennigar

It is our intention to provide you with a simplified, comparative, relatable frame of reference to prevalent
news topics. We are constantly barraged with information that many of us have noticed are
“contentious, controversial, vague or divisive.”

By analyzing the most popular stories, we keep in mind most stories have three points-of-view. 
Our intent is to present the data from each conflicting side, then offer you a logical,
sensible, and easy to understand summary. This may not land in the center of the argument,
but it should land in the center of logic.

Welcome to
Paladin Perspective

Are we, in this country, truly as hateful, angry, lost, stupid, evil, non-repentant, 
and jealous as the news would have us believe?  

We say the answer is NO!

We see the news as a method used to immobilize, confuse, intimidate and trick us,
but mostly to distract and divide us. 

We intend to provide common sense answers to everyday questions. We also intend to give you some of
the history on how things became the mess they are today and why - who was involved,
what were their intentions, how they have managed to succeed thus far, 
and how we can flip their entire plan on its head.

Bear with us!  We are new to this. 

We are learning on the fly.  We are sincere, God-fearing Americans who, like most of you,
just want to enjoy family and friends, while overseeing a government
that keeps its nose out of our PERSONAL business and
its greedy fingers out of our pockets. 

Your support and generosity will help us succeed in our quest to provide new content.
In turn, we seek to expand your awareness and understanding.  Encouraging and emboldening YOU
to be a confident participant in Truth, Justice and the American Way.

  We we
lcome your comments and suggestions.

We appreciate your benefaction.

In God We Trust